Detalle del requerimiento


Emprendedor: Ramiro

Wanted: technical CTO

Scrum master of a future development team with an equity-based compensation.

Boring musts:

  • 6m exp in a scrum team -drive is valued over experience
  • Proven self-learning skills
  • Technical background as any of the following:
  • Undergraduate studies (finished or with lotta time available) in computer science, engineering, math, you get the gist of it
  • Proven experience in development projects -we don't care about degrees, but execution
  • Being OK with a primarily English environment -nor certification nor base level is required, only the will to   learn

Actual musts: Huge drive and ambition:

  • This platform aims to be   at least in 5 countries by july 2020
  • We are developing from the ground up and aiming for an exit in 5y tops
  • Communication skills-great coding is not useful without a way to reach the product owner and, furthermore, the end-user.

Do care: 

  • We are facing unemployment with a scalable solution
  • These problems are not solved from 9-to-5
  • Starting as soon as we find the fit, no rush for a good team.

Contact: +51 957526981

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